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: 관리자 : Thu, 8 September 2022, 8:49 PM



“ For a long time, I have pointed out 'climate change' along with 'crisis of population' and 'digital transformation' as future challenges facing not only Gyeonggi-do and Korea, but also mankind.

So far, economic development has been focused only on quantitative growth. However, we must pursue the 'Sustainable Development' from now on.

Gyeonggi-do will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 and lead net-zero without worrying about greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 so that future generations can feel the four seasons and cope with various climate disasters and live happily.“

The governor of Gyeonggi-do announced a ‘declaration for establishing a promotion system for Net-zero and joint cooperation’ with the mayors of Gyeonggi-do and had a signing ceremony.


▲ Expansion of green buildings, green transformation of industries, expansion of eco-friendly vehicles and charging infrastructure


▲ Efforts to promote various policies, such as promoting the welfare of the energy vulnerable and expanding carbon sinks such as net-zero forests


▲ Formation of the Net zero Council in Gyeonggi-do and efforts to raise joint funds to realize carbon neutral policy through a just transition


▲ Strengthen administrative and financial support for smooth implementation of carbon neutral policy

This joint cooperation declaration emphasizing cooperation for Net zero between metropolitan and basic local governments is the first in the country.

Following the joint declaration, the launching ceremony of the Gyeonggi-do Carbon Neutral Citizens Promotion Team was held.