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Application for Participation

  • ExhibitAll areas related to the environment, such as water quality, air, resource circulation, environmental safety and health, eco-friendly products, measurement and analysis, and energy
  • Application period
    • March 14th ~ July 31st, 2023
  • Documents to be submitted
    • application agreement, personal information usage agreement,
  • How to apply

Booth Type & Rate

Booth Rates
Booth Type Unit price
March 14th ~ May 19th, 2023 May 05th ~ June 19th, 2023 June 20th ~ July 31st, 2023
Standard Shell Booth US $ 800/booth US $ 900/booth US $ 1000/booth
Raw Space Booth US $ 400/booth US $ 450/booth US $ 500/booth
General Service
Service Details Unit price
Electricity daytime Single Phase 220V, Three Phase 220V, 380V US $ 40/kW
24hrs Single Phase 220V, Three Phase 220V, 380V US $ 60/kW
Water & Drainage US $ 200/ea
Compressed air US $ 200/ea
LAN US $ 200/ea

Business matching Program

A special event for Korea's environmental industry marketing, in which Korea's excellent environmental companies and purchasing managers of public institutions participate. Meet public officials, procurement managers of public institutions and large corporations that you always wanted to meet at Public Procurement Consultation! Public Procurement Consultation will be held at the consultation hall of ECO FAIR KOREA 2023.

Exhibition of ECO FAIR KOREA 2023

Showcase your company's main products and related materials at the exhibition hall of ECO FAIR KOREA 2023 throughout the year and enjoy marketing effects. Promote your company's excellent environmental technology to environmental buyers in Korea and seize business opportunities to develop sales channels.